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If you own an aviation, flight simulator or other website / product that you think will be of interest to visitors of our site then you can sign up for one our new advertising packages.
Advertising around the web can be expensive and automatically targeted ads on even the most complex of solutions can often not find the right type of people with an interest in your product. Our site gives you the opportunity to target thousands of unique visitors per week with a genuine interest in aviation and related products.

What we can offer

We can offer a completely customised form of advertising to suit your needs.

Cost Types
We offer two types of cost options detailed below:
Our preferred cost option for ads is cost per click (CPC). As the title suggests you pay us a fee for every user that clicks on an ad. The main benefit is that the amount you pay is dependant on how successful the ads are. If the ads are unsuccessful and no-one clicks then you pay nothing!
The second option is to pay a set fee per 1,000 impressions. This option does not take into account the amount of clicks and charges solely on how many people see your ads.

Reliable Reporting
We use google Ad Manager to track your ads and measure the number of impressions and clicks. This uses the same technology as google ads to ensure that all data is accurate and you are being charged the correct figures.

Target Cerain people
Our use of google Ad Manager allows us to utilise some very powerful targeting options, so if you feel your ad is only relevent to a certain section of our visitors then we will only display the ad to them:

  • Location. We get visitors from all over the world, but if your product only applies to one country, one state or county, even one city then we can target those users, meaning that even local ads can be displayed successfully with us!
  • Language. If your product is only available in one language then you can target users with their browser set to a certain language.
  • Operating System. Your product only available for windows and not mac? No problem, we'll only show the ad to visitors with the windows operating system.

Where to display the ads
You can decide where on our site your ads are displayed. Display them in all sections of our website or one specfic section or page. You can even choose a particular ad slot on a set page to use, its up to you.

Ad Types
Image ads, flash ads or text ads, we can show them all. It is also possible for us to show multiple ads in rotation. However, we will refuse any ad with too much animation that could be deemed annoying to our visitors. Ads containing pop-ups or expandable areas (such as common flash ads) will not be allowed.

Who will benefit

We've experimented with a number of different ad types on the site over the last few months and this research shows that the key to successful campaigns is relevence. For example, our selection of under 10 flight simulation ads have been shown far less than the huge selection of ads on the google network, yet the flight simulation ads have acheived more than 3 times the number of clicks.

If you feel that your website or product is relevent to our visitors then you can be confident of having great success with your ads on our site. We'd especially recommend advertising on our site to flight simulation websites or products, aviation hobby shops, suppliers of aviation videos, books or software or suppliers of products used by our visitors such as photography products, airband scanners or binoculars.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are agreed individually with each of our advertisers. Fees will usually vary based on the type of website or product you wish to advertise. For example, a free to view website wishing to advertise here solely to attrach more visitors to their site may be charged smaller fees than a website selling products and making profits from the ads.

How does it work?

If you are interested in advertising on Plane Mad then please use the contact form in order to send me details of your interest (see below for more information).
Upon agreeing fees we can add your adverts to Plane Mad. As mentioned previously we accept image, flash and text ads. Image ads should be of size 468x60 or 160x600 (120x600 accepted) in order to fit the advert slots on our site. Text ads may be combined with some of our other ads when displayed as we use between 2 and 6 text ads per advert slot.

Once we have set up your order within google ad manager you will receive a link so that you have access to all of the information about your ads. You will be able to see how many times your ad has been viewed by our users (impressions) and how many times an advert has been clicked to your site. You will also be able to keep tabs on how much the ads are costing. This information is compiled by google as an unbiased third party uses the same technologies as used by google ads to ensure it is accurate data.


The Ad Manager we use does not automatically deal with payments. Payments are therefore agreed between the advertiser and myself before the campaign begins. Advertisers would normally conform to the following payment terms.

  • All agreements and trackings are measured in pound sterling (GBP), as is a limitation with the ad manager software. All payments received should be full amounts as shown within the tracking account after any applicable deductions such as bank charges for different currencies.
  • Payments are accepted by cheque, paypal or by direct bank transfer.
  • Individual advertisers for which an identity cannot be confirmed may be asked to provide pre-payment for all advert campaigns.
  • An advertiser shall send full payment within 28 days of the end of the month within which their account reaches or exceeeds £30. For example, your spend total reaches £30 on July 10th. The total spend of your account on July 31st should be received within 28 days (ie 28th August). If your account has not reached £30 then no payment shall need to be made until the account reaches this limit. The cost limit of £30 may be extented higher after an initial few months upon agreement by both parties.
  • An advertising campaign can be stopped at any time, however we may require up to 24 hours notice to do so. Any revenue earned during this notice period will be charged.
  • When stopping an advert campaign all account fees should be received within 28 days of the cancellation date for fees of all amounts.
  • You may set a maximum spend limit on your account. Upon reaching this limit your ads will then be stopped automatically.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • This website attracts visitors of all ages. Therefore we will not promote adult websites or websites with a mature theme.
  • We will not promote betting or gambling websites.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any website / prduct we feel to be irrelevent, competing or just unsuitable.
  • All creatives you use will need to be added to the system manually by us. We reserve the right to refuse any image we feel unsuitable to the site. As mentioned above we will not allow pop-up ads or hover over expand flash ads.


Contact me using our contact form to get more details or to register your interest. Please include details about the website or product that you plan to advertise as a minimum. Any other details you can give about your requirements would be a benefit and would help speed up the process from initial contact to adverts on the site. If you have certain price structures in mind, then please let me know as again this can help speed things up and get your adverts on the site as quickly as possible.

All initial queries will be answered within 24 hours and in many cases much quicker.

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