Brazil Airlines / Operators from Brazil

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Air Rescue / Air Ambulance

Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
Unimed Air active


Airline IATA Code ICAO Code Callsign(s) Boeing Code Alliance Status
ABSA Cargo Airline M3 TUS ABSA Cargo active
Air Brasil Linhas Aereas BSL active
Air Minas 6M AMG active
ATA Brasil ABZ ATA Brasil Inactive
Avianca Brasil O6 ONE Oceanair active
Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras AD AZU Azul active
Beta Cargo BET active
BRA Transportes Aereos BRB Brazil active
EJ Aviation School active
Fly Linhas Aereas 4H FLB Areafly Inactive
Fretax active
GOL Transportes Aereos G3 GLO Gol EH active
MTA - Cargo MST Master active
NHT Linhas Aereas NHG Helga active
OceanAir 06 ONE Oceanair Inactive
Pantanal Linhas Aereas P8 PTN active
Passaredo Linhas Aereas P3 PAZ active
Puma Air PLY Puma Brasil active
Rico Linhas Aereas C7 RLE active
Rio Linhas Aereas RL RIO Rio active
Sete Linhas Aereas SLX Sete active
Skymaster active
Sol Linhas Aereas active
TAF Linhas Aereas R9 TSD Tafi active
TAM Linhas Aereas JJ TAM Tam 2W Star Alliance active
Taxi Aéreo Weiss active
TEAM TIM Team Brazil active
Total Linhas Aereas TO TTL Total active
Trans Brazil TR TBA Trans Brazil Q4 Inactive
Trans Charter Do Brasil - TCB Inactive
Trip Linhas Aereas 8R TIB Trip active
Varig RG VRN Varig 41 Inactive
Varig Log LC VLO Velog active
VASP VP VSP Vasp Inactive
Vera Cruz Taxi Aereo VRC Vera Cruz active
WebJet Linhas Aereas WEB Web Brazil active
Whitejets WTJ Whitejet active

Display Team

Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
Esquadrilha Oi active
Oi Squadron active


Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
Edra Aeronautica active
Embraer active


Operator Callsign(s) Boeing Code Status
Brazil - Air Force active
Brazil - Army active
Brazil - Military Firefighters active
Brazil - Navy active
Brazil Military Firefighters active
Brigada Militar RS active
Policia Militar do Ceara active
RS Military Police active


Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
ACRO - Brazilian Air Acrobatic Association active
Aviacao Agricola Gaivota active
Equipe Brazilian Wingwalking. active
Rock Gamboa active

Private / Corporate

Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Boeing Code Status
Aero Clube de Santa Catarina active
Aeroclube de Santa Catarina active
Aeroclube de Sao Paulo active
Colt Aviation active
GPMA active
Grupo Pao de Acucar active
Hercules Taxi Aereo active
Lider Taxi Aereo active
Morro Vermelho Taxi Aereo active
NHR - Taxi Aereo active
Ocean Air Taxi Aereo active
Two Aviation active
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