Germany Airlines / Operators from Germany

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Air Rescue / Air Ambulance

Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
ADAC active
FAI Air Service active
FAI Rent a Jet IFA Red Angle active


Airline IATA Code ICAO Code Callsign(s) Boeing Code Alliance Status
Aero Flight Inactive
Aero Lloyd Inactive
Aero-Dienst ADN Aerodienst active
AeroLogic 3S BOX German Cargo ZN active
Air Berlin active
Air Cargo Germany 6U ACX Loadmaster active
Arcus Air ZE AZE Arcus Air active
Augsburg Airways IQ AUB Augsburg Air active
BinAir BID Binair active
Blue Wings QW BWG Blue Wings Inactive
Bremenfly 8B BFY active
Cirrus Airlines C9 RUS active
Condor Flugdienst DE CFG Condor active
Contact Air Flugdienst C3 KIS active
DBA DI BAG Speedway 1S Inactive
Eurowings EW EWG active
German SKY Airlines GHY active
Germania ST GMI Germania 5B active
Germanwings 4U GWI Germanwings active
Hamburg Airways HK HAY Hamburg Airways active
Hamburg International Airlines 4R HHI Hamburg Jet active
Hapag Lloyd HF HLF Hapag Lloyd K5 Inactive
Hapag Lloyd Express X3 HLX Yellow Cab K5 Inactive
Hapagfly HF HLF Inactive
Iren Dornier Project active
LTU International Airways LT LTU LTU Inactive
Lufthansa LH DLH Lufthansa 30 Star Alliance active
Lufthansa Cargo LH GEC Lufthansa Cargo active
Lufthansa Cityline CL CLH Hansaline active
OLT - Ostfriesische Lufttransport OL OLT active
Silver Bird SLF Silver Fox active
TUIfly HF HLX Yellow Cab K5 active
WDL Aviation WDL WDL active
XL Airways Germany G1 GXL Stardust active


Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Boeing Code Status
Germany - Police active


Operator Callsign(s) Boeing Code Status
Germany - Air Force active
Germany - Army active
Germany - Navy active
Luftwaffe active


Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Status
LSV Kiel active

Private / Corporate

Operator ICAO Code Callsign(s) Boeing Code Status
Air Independence JTV active
Airgo Flugservice active
Augusta Air AUF Augusta Air active
Berner Group active
Boneair Business Charter active
Businesswings active
Daimler Chrysler Aviation active
DaimlerChrysler Aviation DCS Twin Star active
DC Aviation active
Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (DRF) active
E-Aviation active
Elbie Air active
Euro Link active
JetAir Flug JTI Jet Clipper active
Liebherr Aerospace active
Private Wings PWF Private Wings active
Prominent active
Rhein Flyers active
Volkswagen Air Services active
Windrose Air Charter QGA Quadriga active
Windrose Aviation active
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