Guide to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

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Updated Friday 24th December, 2010


Latitude: S33° 56' 56"
Longitude E151° 10' 56"

Sunrise Today: 06:03
Sunset Today: 20:09

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Radio Frequencies Radio Frequencies

ATIS: 126.25 & 112.1
Approach: 135.1
Clearance Delivery: 133.8
Departure: 123.0, 129.7 & 118.4
Ground: 121.7 & 126.5
Tower: 120.5 & 124.7

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Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport Weather

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Observed at 11:00 - (10 days 11 hrs ago)


Dew Point: °C
Runways with a headwind: Unable to determine, wind is clam


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Photo Spot Spot A - Viewing Terrace

Disclaimer: I live in the UK and this is based on what I know from my visit in Nov 2009. If it has been shut or moved or changed since then I wouldn't know.

So in the International terminal at the far left hand side of the depatrtures hall, through some double doors by the computers. I went before 6am on a Thursday and the doors were locked until just after 6am. Through the double doors is a bar (to the right) and some stairs and an elevator (to the left), which if you ascend take you to the viewing deck.

At the top of the deck is a small area with views of the following:

- 16R Arrivals (with Sydney backdrop) to touchdown (then lost behind the terminal)
- 16R departures taxi to runway and take off roll (until lost behind the terminal)
- 34L departures (airborne only)
- Domestic terminal ramp
- QANTAS Engineering ramp
- Freight ramp
- A limited number of stands on the Internation Terminal
- If you're tall and stand on the seats you can see 34L depatures taxiing out in the distance
- 34R departures but too far away to photograph properly

What you actually get to photograph through is 5-7 small circles cut into glass with a view of the freight ramp/16R threshold easiest. With a bit of twisting and moving about you can also get the Domestic Terminal. The holes start at knee height (presumably for small children to look through) and the tallest is suitable for someone over 6ft tall. (N.B. Canon User) 200mm should be enough for the widebody stuff, with 400mm enough for good full frame prop photos.

Photography in November was best in the afternoon to the evening. In the morning the sun was behind the domestic terminal and therefore most pictures were backlit. Heathaze was also a problem shooting aircraft at the domestic terminal, but that's Australia in summer I suppose. Two screens in the area show you the International departures that are leaving so it's quite easy to follow the movements and plan for a drinks break without missing the rareity you want the most. Entry was free when I visited. I spent over 12 hours without trouble, occasionally interupted by a family visiting to see relatives depart but no security/police. Movements were frequent, with the occasional lull.

Here are some sample pics I got:

Photo Preview
Early morning International Terminal ramp movement

Photo Preview
Early afternoon 16R arrival

Photo Preview
Mid afternoon 34L departure

Posted Photo Morning 34L departure (note backlit)

Posted Photo View over to the Domestic Terminal across 16R/34L

Photo Preview
View showing 747 parked at I.T., 747 on I.T. ramp and across threshold of 16R towards QF maintenance ramp in the afterrnoon.

Sat Nav Co-ordinates
(Some locations may not be next to a road but the sat nav should get you pretty close using these co-ordinates)

Latitude: S33° 56' 8" (S33° 56.133')
Longitude: E151° 10' 1" (E151° 10.014')


Photo 45932
Focal Length: 137mm
Photo 45771
Focal Length: 170mm
Photo 45770
Focal Length: 195mm
Photo 45765
Focal Length: 135mm

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Comments Comments About This Airport / Guide

Posted by: Paul Jordan Australia
Monday 10th November, 2014 at 10:10 GMT
Airport viewing deck was shut down early 2014

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