Guide to Paphos Airport

Contributors: skellycyp
Updated Sunday 20th June, 2010


Latitude: N34° 45' 25"
Longitude E32° 25' 46"

Sunrise Today: 06:24
Sunset Today: 17:42

Paphos (Pafos) International Airport is located on the western coast of Cyprus and caters mainly for the holiday industry in that area. The airport has been recently (Nov 2008) updated with a new modern terminal building adjacent to the old buildings. Most air traffic comprises of twinjets such as A319/320/321, B737/757 etc. Cyprus Airways (A320/330), British Airways (B737/A320) & Easyjet (A320/321) are the main scheduled airlines to use Paphos as well as SAS & Transaero on a less frequent basis. The busiest days are Wednesdays & Sundays during the summer months. Spotters must be aware that a military base is attatched to the north eastern area of the airport and should be avoided.

Radio Frequencies Radio Frequencies

Approach 120.8
Tower / Ground 119.9

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Paphos Airport Weather

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Dew Point: °C
Runway in Use: Unable to determine, wind is clam


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Photo Spot Spot A - Threshold runway 11

Good vantage point for arrivals to rny 11. Accessible by a rough track between the sea and the airport perimeter fence. To reach this point, go to the Geroskipou Plage (Phaethon Hotel) and continue along the coast until you reach the airport perimeter fence (un made rough road).

Sat Nav Co-ordinates
(Some locations may not be next to a road but the sat nav should get you pretty close using these co-ordinates)

Latitude: N34° 43' 13" (N34° 43.223')
Longitude: E32° 28' 9" (E32° 28.144')

Photo Spot Spot B - Approach runway 29

Excellent vantage point for runway 29 (the most used) arrivals. Take main road to airport. Go past military base on RHS & turn off to the left shortly afterwards (before road bends). Follow sign for "Philiotis Fish Taverna". 70mm - 150mm for great approach photos.

Sat Nav Co-ordinates
(Some locations may not be next to a road but the sat nav should get you pretty close using these co-ordinates)

Latitude: N34° 42' 26" (N34° 42.44')
Longitude: E32° 30' 45" (E32° 30.742')

Comments Comments About This Airport / Guide

Posted by: Marco Netherlands
Monday 7th August, 2017 at 06:31 GMT
Don't stay to long at spot B (Filiotis fish taverne) The owner is not very happy with aircraftspotters and will call the police. Thet will tell you that taking foto's of (militairy) planes in the air is also not done in this area...
Posted by: Sami Finland
Thursday 6th September, 2012 at 19:19 GMT
I made a mistake in last summer. I filmed videos nearby the fence and I had to deal with the police after that. :OO
Posted by: Bambos Cyprus
Thursday 12th April, 2012 at 14:11 GMT
Totally agree with the above comments. Looking forward to the end of the month so me and my Cypriot friends can post some new photos.
Posted by: good great United Kingdom
Tuesday 16th November, 2010 at 17:19 GMT

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