Guide to Malta Luqa Airport

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Updated Wednesday 5th November, 2008


Latitude: N35° 51' 9"
Longitude E14° 28' 15"

Sunrise Today: 07:07
Sunset Today: 17:19

As it is Malta it is obvious that the most common airline is Air Malta. The whole fleet is operating flights in and out all day, but there always seems to be at least one in the maintanence hanger, which is out of sight. Of course there is the usual European charters although most of these tend to operate during the night as the airport is open 24 hours a day. There are a few schedule operators as well though:

GB Airways operates from Gatwick
Lufthansa from Germany
Alitalia operates daily from Rome and other Italian cities

The busiest times though at the airport tend to be at night rather than during the day. If you arrive just after midnight then you could see the whole Air Malta fleet lined up.

Malta has two spots where it is possible to spot and take good photographs from. Both are quite good positions but both require a car to get there. There isn't really a resort close to the airport where you can mix aircraft and the beach like other holiday destinations such as Lanzarote.

Radio Frequencies Radio Frequencies

Approach: 121.0 & 127.1
Tower: 118.9

Malta Luqa Airport Weather

All times on the weather descriptions are local

Observed at 01:00 - (9 days 6 hrs ago)


Dew Point: °C
Runway in Use: Unable to determine, wind is clam


A sample of the upcoming movements for Malta Luqa.

We do not current have any movements for Malta Luqa Airport.

Photo Spot Spot A - Pull-in next to the apron

Sat Nav Co-ordinates
(Some locations may not be next to a road but the sat nav should get you pretty close using these co-ordinates)

Latitude: N35° 50' 45" (N35° 50.743')
Longitude: E14° 29' 49" (E14° 29.817')

Photo Spot Spot B - Opposite side of the Runway

Sat Nav Co-ordinates
(Some locations may not be next to a road but the sat nav should get you pretty close using these co-ordinates)

Latitude: N35° 50' 41" (N35° 50.68')
Longitude: E14° 29' 27" (E14° 29.456')

Comments Comments About This Airport / Guide

Posted by: Oliver Calleja Malta
Sunday 16th December, 2012 at 14:49 GMT
Note: There is also another two places for good spotting behind of runway 31 in Triq-Hal Far with free parking and 1 best spotting for aircraft before touching down is a bit a long walk if you get on Arriva route X4 to the same road between Triq-Hal Far or a walk from Alexander Ball Garden in Safi.
Posted by: Maurice United Kingdom
Saturday 28th August, 2010 at 16:41 GMT
Just returned from Luqa. Would like to point out both photograph spots are easily accessible by foot assuming one is able bodied, however there is a spot which might need transport to get to which gives a view overlooking the biz area plus views of stored 720 and 111 plus keeping the main terminal in sight. To get to this spot, leave the terminal head for the dual carriageway. Turn left and keep going till the 2nd roundabout, again turn left and when you get to the 2nd roundabout the airfield wll open up on your left. Great spot for the biz, general light a/c and any cargo which uses the cross runway, as a WestAir BAe ATP did whilst on a visit.
Posted by: Derek Ireland
Monday 11th January, 2010 at 20:20 GMT
Going to Malta Thursday next week for a few days, appreciate any updates or known details of incoming aircraft.
Posted by: Andre Malta
Sunday 30th August, 2009 at 14:21 GMT
Note there are other palaces overlooking the old runway 32 & 06 during airshows and like at present morning this runway is close for maintance and
Posted by: David Wright United Kingdom
Tuesday 24th February, 2009 at 08:54 GMT
Another reasonable viewing spot at Malta International Airport is the Sportsfan Diner on Level 3 of the terminal building. As well as having decent views over the apron and the main runway (32/14) it is air conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter. As the name implies, you can get food

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