Guide to Aberdeen Dyce Airport

Contributors: Gary2880
Updated Monday 5th April, 2004


Latitude: N57° 12' 6"
Longitude W2° 12' 6"

Sunrise Today: 08:27
Sunset Today: 16:12

Aberdeen has a few areas for spotting planes. These located around the airport are all free of charge. The best time to go to the airport is from between 7am and 12pm, tends to quiet down during the afternoon and starts up again in the evening.

Mostly Aberdeen has 737s A320s the usual nothing huge. Smaller Eastern Airways planes and the odd 757, sometimes a Tornado F3 will do a low approach go from RAF Leuchars. We have the odd business jet come in that's oil related.

We have many Bristow, Scotia and Bond helicopters ferrying people on and off the north sea oil rigs. About 30 odd superpuma helicopters. If you come on a weekend you might get lucky and see some of the superpumas training.

Please note. Do not go to any areas that I have not mentioned in this guide. They may look nice but they are not mentioned for a reason. e.g. You will get knicked.

Radio Frequencies Radio Frequencies

Approach: 120.4 & 119.05
ATIS: 121.85 & 114.3
Ground: 121.7
Radar: 121.25
Tower: 118.1

Aberdeen Dyce Airport Weather

All times on the weather descriptions are local

Observed at 00:00 - (10 days 1 hr ago)


Dew Point: °C
Runway in Use: Unable to determine, wind is clam


A sample of the upcoming movements for Aberdeen Dyce.

We do not current have any movements for Aberdeen Dyce Airport.

Photo Spot Spot A - Landing Lights

From here you can either stay on the pavement or climb up the embankment beside the lights to get some nice undercarriage and close up shots with silhouetted ones at midday. Unfortunately you can't see the runway or any of the airport from here as it's over a hill. Sometimes an airport jeep will come round and talk to you from inside the airport, usually just asks how you are, although his shotgun can be quite intimidating.


example photo

Photo Spot Spot B - The Grassy Knoll

Climb the hill to get some nice take off and landing shots from over the fence you'll usually see a lonely Cessna with its covers on just infront of you, this spot is best for watching the movements around the airport. Also a nice spot for watching the Bristo helicopters go over your head and sometimes hover right beside you while a plane lands when runway 16 is in use.


example photo

Photo Spot Spot D - Airport Overview

From here you can see the entire airport from above. If planes are landing on runway 16 they will go past you as they come in. A 300mm + lens is best here if you want close up pictures. Usually best after midday as before that the sun will be on the wrong side of the aircraft.


example photo

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Posted by: Spiderman United Kingdom
Thursday 7th September, 2017 at 21:09 GMT
can some sort the map out please thanks
Posted by: Alan Lea United Kingdom
Monday 18th January, 2016 at 12:24 GMT
Can somebody please advise the number of daily helicopter movements? I hear that the number is very high?
Posted by: Gareth Taylor United Kingdom
Tuesday 12th July, 2011 at 21:45 GMT
Any chance of the map being sorted out please?
Posted by: lisa United Kingdom
Friday 24th June, 2011 at 16:15 GMT
can you fly flybe for my friend andrewduncan 2muntholly
Posted by: sean gray United Kingdom
Tuesday 3rd May, 2011 at 16:14 GMT
how long will the new runway be when it is don
Posted by: Arpit United Kingdom
Saturday 27th November, 2010 at 04:29 GMT
check this out...;)
Posted by: Thomas United Kingdom
Monday 21st September, 2009 at 15:00 GMT
Hi there!

I'm just wondering if you can attach little map like google to the spotting areas because it's hard to guess where those places are. Thanks, cheers!

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