Guide to RAF Brize Norton Airport

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Latitude: N51° 45' 2"
Longitude W1° 34' 51"

Sunrise Today: 07:47
Sunset Today: 16:51

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Light Rain Showers RAF Brize Norton Airport Weather

All times on the weather descriptions are local

Observed at 11:50 - (27 mins ago)

Light Rain Showers


Blowing , Light Rain Showers
Clouds: Scattered Clouds at 3,300ft, Scattered Clouds at 2,200ft
Wind: 250° at 11 knots
Visibility: Greater than 10km
QNH: 0982
Dew Point: 0°C
Runway in Use: Runway 26


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Posted by: David United Kingdom
Sunday 5th August, 2012 at 17:53 GMT
You can park at the Threshold of runway 27, there are two small layby's on the opposite side of the road. There is a large fence that blocks the view of the apron, but if you stand in your car, you will get a clear view of the apron and the runway.

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