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All photos displayed on this site are subject to the conditions below.
The photos on this website are copyright protected and remain the property of the photographer.

You may use these photos unaltered on your own personal computer as a wallpaper (background). The photo must not be edited in any way and must be displayed exactly as shown on this website, including the copyright banner and watermark if used by the photographer. You may not crop, resize or otherwise alter the image without first obtaining permission from the photographer.

You may use our photo widget to display photos on your website.

You may not use the photos for any other purpose, either profit free or commercial without first obtaining the requred permission from the photographer.
All of our photos contain a "Contact the photographer" link next to them, allowing you to either e-mail or private message the photographer to request permission. It only takes 2 minutes and please do respect that as all of our photographers put a lot of money and effort into obtaining their photographs, they have a right to know where they are being used.

When requesting permission please include as much detail as possible about how you plan to use the photo. This will help speed up your request with the photographer.

  • For online requests - send the URL of the page you want to use it on, the size you want to use and whether or not you charge your visitors to visit that page.
  • For published publications - Mention the name of the publication, whether you charge for it, the size of the picture you want to display and whereabouts in the publication you want to display it (ie front page etc).

Photo Widget

Our photo widget allows you to show our pictures on your website. It is completely customisable, you can select the number of photos you display and customise the search to suit your sites needs. All you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of code into your webpage!
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