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my last list of registrations i had was from ian allan. i remember there was a military one and a civil one that included all uk and ireland regs. does this book still exist ? i notice there is also jp list as well now. my last bible was in 1970 and never bought another one ! My first one i got was the 1962 one from ian allan. I only bought the 1970 one because it was interested in knowing what had changed. think the regs had stopped at G azzz by then ? G baaa and they started to allow private regs .
Does anyone know what was the first ever private registered aircraft and the first private registered airliner. I remember ? G BOAC which i think was concorde .
most of my mates after 62 who was train spotters like me ! got frustrated that the steam trains being replaced by horid diesels and electrics. so either we gave up spotting or went to Bus and plane spotting. I think i spotted most things Ships buses trains and planes. between 1960 and 69
Did not think "cars" was worth the trouble ,as there was too many of them and there was n ot a book with registrations or numbers of. Buses was ok ! but only london area and never coaches .
i wonder what other forum members spotted ??
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The Ian Allan book(s) ARE still available.I brought my first one in 1972,but soon moved on to the industry standard "bible" World Airline Fleets.This tome was amazing,i still have a few copies in my possesion from the mid-80's,big is an understatment 600 plus pages,not ideal for carrying around.I also did military spotting & also bus spotting until recently.Planes have beckoned once again,i've returned to the hobby after an absence of some 16 years.
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I have just recently started planespotting and have heard good things about Ian Allan's publications, could anyone tell me where I could get one?

I also do military, I go up to RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Kinloss quite alot, so a book on civil,and military would be ideal thanks?

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This post was edited on Wednesday 8th December, 2010 at 20:32 GMT
Deckzo,you could try WH Smith's for both books.They might stock them,if not try TAHS at West Drayton(they are on-line).The titles are Civil Aircrat Markings & Military Aircraft Markings.Unfortunatly,there isn't a combined book.RB.
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Ok, Thanks RB, pity about it not being combined, would be a lot easier but it dm, will have to do. Thanks a lot.

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Got my first Civil Aircraft Markings in 1977 & then every year until about 1988.

Also bought World Airline Fleets in 1978/79 then in 1980 got JP Airline fleets which was amazing. Even had little tick boxes on the pages. Loads and loads of info including Boeing and Lockheed customer numbers e.g. all BA Boeing's are model 36 so 777's are B777-236 or B777-336 etc, only problem was the price!

I fell out of love with the CAM series because thy didn't include all the airliners you could see in Europe. An example was JAL sending in DC-10's to LHR but they were never included.

Then switched to TAHS Airlines, nowhere near as much info as JP but all the worlds airliners, more portable and the comb bound version means even after repeated use pages don't fall out and it's much easier to tick things off.
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Deckzo Waterstones sell the Ian Allan books on civil and mil regs. Try either their shops or check out their web site if they have none in stock they will gladly order it for you.
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Pete,your local Waterstones must have good staff,in my town they just look at you like you're an idiot.Snobbish or what?RB.
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Both available at amazon as well:
2010 - Civil

2010 Military

You might want to wait till the 2011 one comes out around March:

I started with these - they include ALL UK reg aircraft down to microlights, hot air balloons etc but are a bit slack on some of the overseas stuff. If you go abroard a lot you find a lot of aircraft aren't included - no domestic US reg's for example.
I moved on to one called "Airlines" - purely airline but the whole world included. JP Airline Fleets is also a well known one worth looking at. Best place to go would be an aviation shop like at MAN, EMA see which you like best. Next years 2011 editions usually come out around March / April so bare that in mind also.
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Red Baron I work for Waterstones and the staff are very good at the job they do and they wouldnt treat you like a idiot. Pete
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Sorry to hear you have a bad time Red Baron what branch of Waterstones was it? They are usually very good at customer service. Come into my store Red Baron and i will look after you.
Quote | Reply | Top of Page was a while ago in Milton Keynes.I was actually enquiring about railway fleetbooks for a mate.Not sure about my own branch(Hitchin,near Luton) never tried them.RB.happy
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