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Oh yes, good find sir.

Callie were my favourite UK airline, probably because they were the less seen at MAN out of BA, Laker, Dan-air and Britannia.

Their DC-10's were spectacular and at the other end of the scale, their Piper Navajo crew transports were little gems.

Real sad day for me when they went.
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I jut posted the link as it's a delight of a site and doesn't need any rambling from me. Excellent insider pics there.
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i remember british united airlines formed with other airlines to be BCAL . laker went bellyup after he raged war against british airways for unfair trading! Dan air sorry to saw went to the walll also .
In the end the went to the wall with many other airlines . british united operated at gatwick think it was there HQ. i assume they operated bristol britannias but think also DC7s as well think they operated jets maybe BAC 1 11 s didnot danair get them at some point???
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British United was taken over by Caledonian Airways and became British Caledonian. The original Caledonian was a charter outfit that ran DC-7s and 707s at the beginning. We saw them at Manchester doing affinity charters to Canada and other places. If BCal had continued then Virgin Atlantic would today have been either tiny or never happened. British Midland also may never have grown like it did.

BUA had a jet fleet that was rather tasty. Freddie Laker bought the One Eleven and VC-10 when he was their Managing Director. I think they did have Britannias as well as Viscounts alongside the DC-6 and other piston planes.
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Remembering B-Cal.Excellent site,remembering another airline sadly no longer with us.I particulary liked the artical on liveries if the airline was in exsistence.Great stuff.RB.
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In the 70s I was wandering around Gatwick and the Engineers would let you get up close and personal with their VC 10s !!!!!!! (I was only young ) lol
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I'm fairly sure that if BR was still around today they would be negotiating for the 747-800. It ticks all the BCal boxes, and they would want a flagship to take on the BA A380. They would also be at Heathrow in the place Virgin now occupy.

BCal took out orders for the A320 and MD11 when they were launched and I could see them being in for a launch order with Boeing. It really is such a shame BCal didn't prosper as we desperately need a quality second airline in Britain with both short and long haul routes. As BCal was close at one stage to SAS then I could see them being in Star Alliance instead of BMI.
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B Cal is like many uk airlines that have gone to the wall ! they had financial problems which seems to be a plague at the moment. Except they was born out of another airline British united and i think at least one other airline ! think this year 2009/10 has been the worse on record for airlines that have gone broke. and travel companies too. Maybe the name B Cal will come back to life with a roar one day.
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