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again the heathrow 3rd runway has reared its ugly head again!
There is no way this will happen the reasons are.
1.local population and councils in the area do not want it.
2.govt is still in a quandry over it ! there appears to been a "promise" at the time of the elections but now govt has back-tracked on it as they fear a back-lash from there own supporters and probably the prime mionister will have to fight an election himself as leader of his party against the london mayor.
3.stansted luton and southend have more than enough capacity with new terminal to handle the traffic.
southend is likely to have the runway extension sorted by a couple of years (note has a new station)Luton too is expanding. Stansted can easily handle as much movements and passengers as gatwick does now. stansted is likely to have expansion plans of there own includeing more freight movements.
Gatwick is still a problem as crawley council has for the last 30 years refused another runway and cannot expand anymore.
4 political suicide ! to even think of an airport in thames (foulness) this will only happen if martians takeover the world.
5. the not on my doorstep are we going to have a third anything. This is the attitude i am sorry to say of people who live near a busy airport (let the other airport get expansion not ours) yet they seem to forget that without that airport ,they probably not have a job or even worse not able to go on holiday to there favourite destination. (clacton is nice at this time of the year the st tropez of the east).
6. noise levels are still bad then we have the problem of night flights heathrow has in fact been accused of allowing too many late because of restrictions in "airways"
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