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Topic Manchester Airport Forum | News from 2017 onwards.

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Time for a new thread.
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Thanks Spike.

The following EWG flights during winter will change to Dash-8 (ex Berlin a/c currently being repainted).

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Hi everyone.

I returned earlier today on the Singapore A350-900 route from Houston having enjoyed a break there and all its attractions.

Outbound from Manchester I found the seat occupation as almost full in all areas, business, economy plus and economy. A few seats were unoccupied including next to me but very few. It was difficult to judge where all the pax arrived from, some joining like myself at Manchester, some Transiting from Singapore and back onto the same aircraft, and some transferring domestically and internationally through where I work in Transfers Security next to gate one.

A very enjoyable on time flight was enjoyed by myself. The aircraft is great and the service and food was as you would expect from Singapore top notch.

My return this morning arrival Manchester was earlier than scheduled. I was out through Passport Control with recognition machines working, bag collected and home less than an hour after arrival was very pleasing although I stress my flight seemed to be the only arrival.

I asked the check in lady at Houston was the flight full. She said yes. My observations back that up, no free seats seen at all in any class so my thoughts are that Singapore are getting things right.

I was aware of low pax numbers on commencement of the route but now wow what a change. Pax landed in Manchester, again Transit pax onto Singapore and also Transfer pax to the rest of the UK and continent, they do use Flybe to Europe believe me.

As a lady next to me said, the fares are very competitive compared to say BA from LHR who use old B772s on the route. The A350 is a winner, quiet, smooth and NEW!! Singapore staff are brilliant and efficient at what they do. The food is great and IFE is good as well.

Do I have to say more the route and product from a regional like Manchester is a winner for the airline, local people like myself having a choice ( ie not LHR ).

Well done Singapore airlines and also Manchester airport!!

Who needs LHR

Cheers from Jim
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This post was edited on Monday 30th October, 2017 at 21:55 GMT
Thanks for the analysis. Good news indeed. Not yet flown on the A350 but I am booked on Cathay in May so I am looking forward to that!

I have a friend who works for Singapore, and whilst he would back up that at the start things were slow, both the Houston and Singapore legs are performing really well now, in terms of load factor anyway, both regularly full. Of course, he has no idea of yield but it certainly sounds promising. A lot of cargo is shifted too which is where the money is.

On the building front, The new pier is going up quickly, and the old terminal from 215 is slowly disappearing.
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