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Topic Newcastle Airport Forum | Notice to All Users (Part 2)

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This post was edited on Sunday 20th May, 2012 at 19:09 GMT
The NCL Forum will re-open for business at 0900 tomorrow (Monday) morning. For the time being, it will be restricted to a single thread and, if any attempt is made to open another thread (or threads), the latter will be locked and/or deleted.

Forum posts containing obscene, vulgar, threatening, hateful, sexist or racist language will not be tolerated. Please be under no illusion that, if anyone steps out of line in this respect, their posts will be deleted as soon as possible after they have been brought to the attention of the site mods. If the individual(s) concerned continue(s) to offend (literally or otherwise), they will end up being temporarily suspended and/or permanently banned from the site.

Furthermore, the site mods will not become involved in a protracted debate concerning the reasons why an individual post has been deleted. If, after their post has been removed, the person responsible takes umbrage and starts sounding off, they will receive an immediate yellow card (aka suspension). If, when their suspension is lifted, the same person then proceeds to commit another offence, they will receive an immediate red card (i.e. their account will be permanently deleted from the membership database).

As world_rep has previously pointed out, the actions of a small number of individuals have generated a lot of bad feeling, the site's reputation has been irrevocably damaged, other forum owners have been in touch to complain about the misuse of information obtained from their sites and one of the P-M's longest-serving and most highly-respected moderators (Johansen) has resigned as a result of the abuse that he received.

If your sole aim is to belittle, offend, pick a fight or just be a downright idiot, then please do us all a favour and go elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you have something meaningful to contribute and are prepared to do so in a polite, respectful, considerate manner, then you are very welcome to participate.
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