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Hi guys, figured its best to ask this question here as I feel its most suitable. I need some help in purchasing my next camera, that being a DSLR. I will be mainly using it for university but of course still aviation too.

I have been recommended to buy a Nikon camera as the university can supply you with the lenses you require if you wish to use them. Basically I want a regular priced, around about £300-£350 DSLR that is still good use for aviation as well as university being my main priority.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me, such as where to look for the best priced etc happy

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Have a look at the selection that sony offer some great cameras and prices.
Quote | Reply | Top of Page is a good site for DSLR recommendations, comparisons, etc. I bought my last two DSLR's (a Canon 550d and a Canon 60d) brand new from eBay 'shops' and (touch wood!) I haven't had any problems with either of them. People tend to swear by either Canon or Nikon (never the twain shall meet!), although, as Pete suggests, Sony are also worth a look as well. Hope this helps.
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Thanks a lot Pete and Baltimore for your help, I really appreciate it happy

Could I ask on what you both think of this DSLR, as it will be my first, I plan to upgrade in the near future but just to start uni with and get used to etc

This is also within the price range I hope to pay for my first
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Go for it! Although superceded by the D3200, it's still a very good camera and, at that price, certainly represents extremely good value for money. The Canon equivalent (550d) is (IMHO) even better, but is getting harder to find now.
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Thanks a lot Baltimore I appreciate your help! As it's just a starter camera I will probably go with the D3100 but upgrading in the near future. I had a look around and cant find any brand new 550D's, might just be the way I'm searching but no stores such as Argos, Currys etc seem to have them?
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Although it's described as an 'entry level' DSLR, the D3100 has lots of features that are also found on more expensive DSLR's and will certainly enable you to take shots of a standard that are suitable for uploading to P-M. Rather than upgrading the camera body, you may well find that any spare cash would be better spent on purchasing a small/medium zoom lens, e.g. 55-200mm or 70-300mm.
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Baltimore I really appreciate the help you have given me, thanks!

Also great news that I may be able to upload my photos too with the D3100 given they are suitable happy, thanks again!
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Agree with Baltimore its a good solid camera and when you have any spare cash will be able to pick up extra lens. its a good market at the moment for second hand lens.
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