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Hi all

Just tried my first few uploads which have been rejected which I'm fine with. Part of the reason for the upload was to get some kind of feedback on the images and now just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to improve them in the editing stage

Posted Photo

Rejected for compression/quality

Posted Photo


I think where I am loosing them is the resize to be able to upload them, but any tips would be great

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Which software package are you using to edit your pics? Also, are you shooting in RAW or jpeg?
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I use Photoshop CS3 at present, however, it doesnt recognise the RAW format of my Canon 550d so I do the RAW conversions in Canon DPP then do all the resize work with the JPEG in Photoshop.

I have looked into the update for Photoshop but it only works from CS4 onwards.
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I've got PS Elements 10. However, I guess that the principles are much the same. This is the process I follow for JPEG's:

1. Straighten 2. Crop 3. Adjust the exposure, contrast and colour as necessary (to be honest, I normally cheat and use the auto-correct facility in each case!) 4. Check for and, if necessary, use the relevant filter to remove any colour caste 5. Apply unsharp mask (0.2 radius/nil threshold/500 percent) 6. Reduce the image size in stages, i.e. 3200/2400/1600/1200 (this seems to greatly reduce the risk of the dreaded 'jaggies' appearing) 7. If needs be, apply another pass of unsharp mask (0.2 radius/nil threshold/percentage to suit (normally between 100-200 percent)) 8. Save at maximum resolution (12?) to avoid compression. 9. Equalise the image to check for dust spots 10. Upload onto P-M!

It works for me (most of the time!), but I am sure that others who are far more expert in these matters will tell you that I don't have the first idea what I'm talking about!
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