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Does anyone have any advice on this particular topic? I seem to be struggling to get the right colour balance where the pic concerned is taken on a dull day and the aircraft is predominantly white (e.g. easyJet Airbus). I don't seem to have the same problem on sunny days when I can shoot at a higher speed.
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Hi Baltimore.

I wouldn't know how it got there but when I had a similar trouble some years ago with a particular lens I used the colour balance controls in Photoshop to remove it. I use CS2 but I think the same settings are on most versions that I've seen. It's under image>adjustments>colour balance and there should be three slider bars to use for altering the colour balance. Sorry I can't help any more.

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Have you tried exploring the Custom White Balance feature of your digital camera? It will involve carrying a piece of white A4 paper, but you take a pic of that first and the camera computer works out the colour balance from that.

Alternatively, use Photoshop to adjust the colour cast etc. The easiest feature is the one where you click on a white area of the plane and it'll adjust the colours accordingly.
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Thanks for the advice, guys. I generally use the 'remove colour cast' feature in PS Elements, but, even so, I have still managed to fall foul of the screeners on a couple of recent occasions (no offence intended - they do a great job and I have no complaints whatsoever about having my pics rejected). I'm not sure that I feel confident enough to use the colour balance controls that Gary refers to, but I will definitely have a play around with the WB feature, as PHS suggests.

Incidentally, please keep posting those pics. I love the Military stuff and the Aussie shots make a nice change from the standard fare that we're used to on P-M.
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i guess this seems obvious but is your camera set to record in srgb mode
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