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This document was last updated on 18th October 2009

The privacy of our visitors are very important to Plane Mad and we take it very seriously. Only the site owner (Dan Hill) has access to the private information you enter on this site, no other person has access to any information that is not publically viewable on the website itself. Information viewable to other users is information contained on the profile page, such as location and your real name should you choose to enter it.
If you have any other queires concerning our privacy policy then please use our contact form for all enquiries.

Do We Give Out Information

Plane Mad does not and will never give out personal information about our users to any individual or organisation of any kind. As mentioned above our user information can only be accessed by one person and no other user will be given access to this information without at least 2 weeks notification to all registered users via e-mail stating the reasons behind such a move.

e-mail Addresses

  • Plane Mad requires a vaild e-mail address to be entered during the sign up stage of registering for the site in order to filter out unwanted spam from automatic bots around the web
  • As with all information we do not distribute these e-mails addresses to any individual or organisation.
  • Plane Mad sends automatic e-mails to your address only in the case that you have specifically set the option to allow them within your profile with two exceptions:
    • In the case of photo screening an e-mail is sent to inform you of the result of your photo screening regardless of any settings within your profile.
    • We may also use the e-mail address given to send key information about Plane Mad and only Plane Mad. Such e-mails are sent very rarely when major changes occur on our website that we feel all users should be aware of. Average distribution for these mails is approximately once every 6 months.
  • Allowing other users to send you e-mails does not reveal your e-mail address to anyone unless you reply to such an e-mail. We use a message form in order to allow visitors to e-mail those users that allow it and this keeps your e-mail address hidden from view and is not reavealled to anybody visiting the site. I would highly recommend anyone who uploads pictures to the site to allow visitors to e-mail them in the case that they want to use a photograph.


Cookies are small text based files that are sent to your computer in order to keep information about you for future visits to a website.

Plane Mad only use cookies for storing information about your account if the "Remember me on this computer" box is ticked when you log in. This does not store your password however, but uses a unique randomly generated code which is changed everytime you visit the site, thereby making it as secure as possible while allowing you to be logged in to your account without filling in the form on every visit. It is highly recommended that you do not use this option if using a computer that is not your own.

Our advertisers such as google and other affiliates also use cookies in order to identify customers as originating from this site and allow us to receive payment for any such orders. These payments are required in order to run the site and we do not consider the information stored to be of any kind of security threat at all.

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