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Customise the wdget below. Selecting multiple options will select photos on a matching all options only. For example selecting London Heathrow and British Airways below will match photos of British Airways at London Heathrow only.

Please Note: You may only select either a tag or a photo album. Selecting both will result in your tag selection being ignored.


Information Number of photos across. Limited to 5.


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  • The content of the widget must remain as it is supplied.
  • The widget may be styled using css style sheets for your own site as long as no links are removed or hidden from view as per the rules above. I would recommend the firebug plugin for firefox for viewing class names of elements within the widget. If further assistance is required please use our contact form.
  • We retain the right to alter or remove the widget at any time without prior notice.

We would be happy to offer further assistance should you require it in order to customise or style the widget. Please use our contact form to send us your requirements.


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The widget you have selected requires a minimum width of 496 pixels. The height of the widget will vary depending on the information you select to include and the length of information retrieved within the search results.

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