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Airport Weather

View weather now featuring over 1,00 world airports, including current conditions, runways in use and forecast conditions based on actual METAR and TAF information used by pilots.

London Heathrow Weather

All times on the weather descriptions are local

Observed at 01:00 - (1 hr 14 mins ago)


Dew Point: °C
Runway in Use: Likely Runways 27L/R

Sunrise Today: 04:47
Sunset Today: 21:24

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Our brand new movements section includes the new services / special one-off charter movements to airports. Registered users can add new movements to any airport featured on the site.

Some upcoming movements:

July 2016

Fri 1st

Manchester Airport - New Service
Arr: 11:40, Dep: 12:20 - New daily service to Istanbul (SAW). Boeing 737-800(WL) will operate. Flight numbers to be confirmed.

Sun 3rd

Manchester Airport - New Service
- New 2x weekly service to Gibraltar. Flight nos. EZY1963/1964, flights will operate MON/SAT on Airbus A320 aircraft. Times vary.

August 2016

Sat 6th

Manchester Airport - New Service
Arr: 17:35, Dep: 13:40 - Limoges increases to 4x weekly. New Saturday flight. Flight nos. FR38/39.

November 2016

Sun 13th

Manchester Airport - New Service
Arr: 06:55, Dep: 09:15 - New 1x weekly service to Tobago (TAB). Flight nos. MT2714/2715. A330-200 operates.

December 2016

Mon 19th

Manchester Airport - New Service
- New 1x weekly service to Kittila (KTT), flights will operate on Monday's on Airbus A321 aircraft.

Movements Section >>

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Daniel Prezeau
Created: 16 Mar, 2011
Last Update: 4 Jun, 2016
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sheffield boy29
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Last Update: 18 Apr, 2016
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By: melvin29

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By: qantas14

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By: BrunoA380

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Akbarali Mastan
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Airport Guides Airport Guides

Find out where to view / take pictures of aircraft at the worlds airports. With spots pin pointed on maps, sample photos and written descriptions helping you to find the locations.

Recently Updated Guides

London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR / EGLL) United Kingdom
Updated: Wed 4th Jan, 2012

London Stansted, United Kingdom (STN / EGSS) United Kingdom
Updated: Mon 2nd Jan, 2012

Milan Bergamo, Italy (BGY / LIME) Italy
Updated: Mon 2nd Jan, 2012

Tires-Cascais, Portugal ( / LPCS) Portugal
Updated: Mon 2nd Jan, 2012

Sabadell, Spain (QSA / LELL) Spain
Updated: Wed 28th Dec, 2011

Brescia Montichiari, Italy (VBS / LIPO) Italy
Updated: Wed 28th Dec, 2011

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We have over 40 active forums, from general aviation forums to airport specific discussion. Join our ever expanding community of members and post in the latest topics:

MAN movements, March 16 onwards
Manchester Forum - 1 day 7 hrs ago

News from September 2015...
Manchester Forum - 8 days 6 hrs ago

City in the sky
Civil Aviation Forum - 9 days 15 hrs ago

Diversions Easter 2016 onwards
Manchester Forum - 19 days ago

Manchester Forum - 23 days ago

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